Eggplant Panini (August 30, 2006)

For this week’s panini night we created one ourselves. We used eggplant (that we got from the farmer’s market) and breaded and fried it. We then put the cooked eggplant on to a panini bread topped it with spaghetti sauce and mozzarella cheese and then cooked them. We also had spaghetti with sauce and salad. There is not a recipe for this one, per say; we breaded the eggplant with egg and seasoned bread crumbs and that was the most intensive part of the process.

David: i had high hopes for eggplant paninis, but i was brought back to earth when we tasted them. they weren’t bad, but they were certainly nothing special. i think that the bread ended up soaking in a lot of the red sauce we had put on them, and in the process, a bit of the
flavor was lost. the end result was a little bit bland. in the future, red sauce as a dipping agent might be a better idea, or perhaps more dramatically spiced eggplant, as we put very little on them. a C

Carla: I liked the idea of eggplant panini. I am picky about the meat that I eat which limits the panini ability a bit. So the idea of using an eggplant seemed really good. Unfortunately, it did not turn out as well as we had hoped. The bread seemed to soak up the spaghetti sauce a bit too much thus causing there to a be a lack of flavor. I think we should try them again some other way. C

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