BBQ Chicken Paninis (November 5, 2006)

dinner last night. panini night started strong, and then school and life took over. but we came back strong with a panini vengeance. no recipe for this one, we just made it happen. so here’s how it went down:

4 chicken breasts
4 delicious wheat-type rolls
4 slices tasty cheese (we used colby-jack)
1 bunch of bbq sauce
sundry spices (i used garlic powder, chili powder, cayenne, salt ‘n’ pepper…)
a bit o’ oil

1) cut up the chicken breasts into tiny little bits
2) heat ’em up in a frying pan with the oil. add in some spicy goodness and anything else to make them flavorful. i even tried a touch of soy sauce for salty goodness.
3) once the chicken won’t give you a disease, pour in a bunch of that there bbq sauce. mix it all up and let it get all good and warm.
4) spoon equal parts onto your bread, put on the cheese, and set your panini maker to go!

david – very nice. simple and easy to make, a very satisfying and tasty meal. we had just the right amount of cheesyness, sauciness, and breadyness. thrilling. A.

carla – it was very yummy. i want another one right now. A.

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