Turkey and Swiss Panini (December 18, 2006)

we had a pseudo-christmas dinner about a week early today, consisting of some cranberry sauce, stuffing, and turkey ‘n’ swiss paninis, topped off with an oliver winery gewurztraminer. of course the cranberries came from a can (the best kind) and the stuffing was stove top (not really the best kind), but it was still very nice.

turkey ‘n’ swiss panini
(four sandwiches)

4 rolls (we went with a wheatish, seedy version)
1 lb. turkey, sliced (we went with oven-roasted from the local deli)
4 big slices of swiss cheese (mmm)

we also added a little secret sauce to the paninis prior to their insertion in the panini maker…

secret sauce:
ranch dressing (the base)

add the following, to taste:
cayenne pepper
chili powder
garlic powder
worcestershire sauce (not too much! i might have put in too much.)

we put a little bit of this on both the tops and bottoms of the rolls.

then we rocked them in the panini maker…and voila!

david – a nice little meal. the paninis actually turned out to be rather wonderful. i think we had the right amount of cheese, and the sauce was just enough to make things interesting, but not so much as to overpower me and make me cry. i was pleased – A-.

carla – um…it was good, and most importantly, it was quick and easy to put together. the sauce on the paninis was good – just enough to taste it, not too overpowering. a good complement to the swisss cheese. A-.


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